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New Profile Posts

  1. CaptainBeaky
    Back at work :(
  2. CaptainBeaky
  3. CaptainBeaky
    Free as a bird...
  4. CaptainBeaky
    Two more days in Shit City...
  5. beachlover
    Not bragging, but I've been avoiding people since long before the pandemic.
  6. VMV
  7. Colin KC
    Colin KC
    Hi everyone
  8. HPFlashman
    Giving this one a try. Finally found something on what happend to BB, and found a link to this here site. Glad to see some old handles! :-D
    1. WalterSedge
      Hi folks,just joined here but was a member@ BB,handle
      Telecaster. Looking forward to some knife chat.
      Dec 13, 2019
  9. Scottish Marion
    Scottish Marion winnet
    Can you drop me a message because I am trying to get my sister into the girl guiding environment so am needing advice on the sort of activities it involves :).
  10. dkonopinski
    Settling in nicely.
  11. Sensi5446
  12. dkonopinski
    New arrival.
  13. megalift
    Happily lacking any status
  14. Eddie The Beagle
    Eddie The Beagle
    Save the Plankton, eat whales
  15. Simon
    Happy :-)
  16. silvestriz
    Trying out different types of greenwood
  17. silvestriz
    And any carving tips
  18. silvestriz
    Looking for a crook knife and an axe
  19. silvestriz
    Recently bought some mora striaght knifes
  20. silvestriz
    Starting with some spoons ans searching for the right tools
    1. Brian T
      Brian T
      I don't see any of your posts/threads out in the open forums. I've been carving for quite a long time with the tools common to the Pacific North west of Canada. I use many modified farrier's hoof knives for carving
      Sep 3, 2018
    2. silvestriz
      Thanks for that information. I was looking at hoof knifes but wasn't sure how to modify them. Recently bought a crook knife but still getting to grips with using it. More comfortable with gouges but will keep trying with the crook. Also bought an axe which I managed to cut myself on it yesterday. Been a bit afraid to put posts on the open forum actually!
      Sep 5, 2018