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New Profile Posts

  1. Cole Nolte
    Cole Nolte bayvillageidiot
    I saw your Forest Jack! I’ve been looking for one for some time! Would you ever be willing to sell? Let me know!


    Cole Nolte
  2. Belle
    Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumby night...
  3. Renton
    Live Loud, Laugh Long, Love Someones wife :D
  4. macmiddlebrooks
    Drinking an Imperial IPA after a long day at work.
  5. ClairC
    Glad to be here!
  6. ClairC
    ...to practice my new skills.
  7. ClairC
    Now looking for a left handed spoon knife of my own!
  8. ClairC
    ...After a weekend whittling in the woods!
  9. ClairC
    Just carved my first spoon.
  10. ClairC
    My favourite green wood is hazel, but I'm moving on to others...
  11. Belle
    Fell running with a hangover hurts.
  12. bustywench
    feisty celt
  13. RickDastardly
  14. Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave Renton
    Hi Kris, when we going to see you at Jim's wood...
  15. akacoach
    akacoach warrensmith
    Thanks for the offer of info for Biltong making. Hopefully I'll be looking into it over Easter. Is it as simple as you make it sound?
    1. warrensmith
      yes it is simple Im sure I have a video somewhere
      Apr 2, 2017
    2. warrensmith
  16. bountyhunter
    "Merry Christmas and Happy new Year"
  17. stuart lawrence
    stuart lawrence
    A talented songwriter, skilled craftsman and multitalented allrounder.
  18. stuart lawrence
  19. Templogin
    Templogin beachlover
    Hi Beachy

    I had a message to say that my PayPal payment had been suspended to the forum. This might be due to me stopping my card due to my account on a website, and the site as a whole being hacked (SportPursuit), and those card details leaked. I will sort out the PayPal account now that I have a new card.


    1. beachlover likes this.
  20. Claus Andersen
    Claus Andersen Andylaser
    Hello Andylaser,

    great review of your Tasmanian tiger Trooper Pack.

    Do you still use it?

    If you still have it, could you maybe tell me the size of the 3 front pockets?

    In advance, thank you

    Kind regards
    1. wannabee likes this.