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Anyone tried / got this torch ?

Discussion in 'General Chat and Gossip' started by Robbi, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Robbi

    Robbi Subscribed Member

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  2. bushwacker

    bushwacker Subscribed Member

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    I have a 2 x 18650 Thrunite. It scares the crap out of owls but is good at checking on livestock in large fields at night. Not brilliantly practical but is good for pupose.
  3. Nice65

    Nice65 Subscribed Member

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    Had a V2 Catapult for a bit, 2 x 18650. Like the man above says, it was a little unwieldy, but a bloody good thrower. I sold it and kept the Eagletac M3SC4 or whatever the hell it was called due to the side by side 18650 arrangement. Those 26650 batteries will give that awesome runtimes, perfect power source.

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