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For Sale Clothing Clear Out

Discussion in 'Outdoors Kit For Sale' started by Andylaser, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Andylaser

    Andylaser Administrator Staff Member

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    Southampton UK
    Having a bit of a sift through the toy box and have discovered a couple of items I no longer need.

    First up is a Regatta Hunting/Fishing multi pocketed waistcoat. I am pretty sure its never been worn, as I dont partake of worm dangling. Its therefore clean, tidy and doesnt smell of the great outdoors.


    Size is XL, 44", 112CM


    I can make it magically appear at your front door for a tenner. :)

    Next up is a British Army waterproof jacket. Rainproof, squaddy proof and I havent managed to damage it. :)


    Size is depicted on the faded label, but it fits me. :)


    This can also be yours for a tenner.
  2. Nice65

    Nice65 Subscribed Member

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    I'd say you do more worm dangling than most members of this forum. :D

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