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Teach Me About... Mig Welders

Discussion in 'Making Stuff' started by warrensmith, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. warrensmith

    warrensmith Subscribed Member

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    Newport , South Wales
    I need a mig welder to glue odd bits of metal together . I've spent weeks staring at the damn things .
    Heres what I know
    1 I want one that does gas and gasless
    2 150 amp or more
    3 budget of about £300
    4 I would prefer an inverter welder
    5 Ive been told to stay away from clarke and sealy
    6 I would prefer one that takes a euro torch

    I know most come from china and are get rebranded , but does anyone have and experience or advice

    thanx in advance
  2. snappingturtle

    snappingturtle Member

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    I have a ferm mig 100 gas and gasless, probs about 10 years old now and yer its good, wielding with cored gasless wire is ok but lots of spatter so its much better with gas I can wield 1mm upto 4-5mm in single sweeps no problem and going thicker is easy, main thing is to have as much regulation as possible as that makes it more useable, mine has 4 power levels 1-2 hi and lo. wire feed adjustment and simple gas regulator which is the only thing that could be better not that it cause's problems its just a bit basic.
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  3. Craig

    Craig Member

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    Hi Warren, not sure if you’ve got sorted for a mig welder yet. At your price point I would look at a second hand welder, try the mig welding forum, and budget for gas. You’ve not said what you want to weld but on a 13amp socket you’re looking at a max f 140amps before you start tripping fuses, above that you really need a 16amp socket.
    The Clarke welders are good at this price 135TE and 130EN would make good hobby welders. The EN will work with gas less but it can be hit and miss as well as messy welds. Either will work with gas and I suggest renting a bottle which will cost you around £80 for your first bottle and then £35 to refill. Use argon/ CO2 mix for good clean welds. You will also need an angle grinder if you don’t already have one for cleaning the metal up prior to welding as it’s all about good electrical contacts for the earth and arc. Finally an automatic helmet and gloves. Never try welding without a helmet as arc eye is very painful, just take my word for it rather than experience it.
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