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Teach me about sewing machines

Discussion in 'Making Stuff' started by Guzzi Goose, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Guzzi Goose

    Guzzi Goose Subscribed Member

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  2. Andylaser

    Andylaser Administrator Staff Member

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    Southampton UK
    I would probably scout ebay for an old singer (manual or electric) or something similar. Should find a good one for 5o quid.
    They were far more robust than anything made today.
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  3. MaC

    MaC Moderator Staff Member

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    Central Scotland
    I wouldn't buy that. You can get the equivalent for thirty anyway.

    It's not going to go through canvas with any ease, and waxed cotton is a right royal pain (dewax your machine coverplate etc., with meths when you're done) and that will chug, chug, chug it's way through it.

    Andy's right, for fifty quid buy something older, simple and sound.
    If it does back, forwards and zigzag then it'll do for almost anything you'll need.

    It's the postage is the killer, but your local Gumtree or the like might be well worth a look.

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