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Walked-Up Day

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by NOTSHARP, Jan 9, 2018.


    NOTSHARP Subscribed Member

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    North East Scotland
    On Friday last, I was asked by the Keeper, where I beat, If I could help out on a Walked-up day, today.

    08:30hrs, saw me at the Bothy, with my one controlable, Cocker.


    The wee hooligan was left at home.


    Much to her chagrin, but such is life.

    The Guns were paying good money for their Walked-up day, and I needed a steady dog with me.

    Rarther than walking-up, the Keeper did mini drives, which is far better for the Guns.

    The weather was reasonably kind, and the birds cooperated (mostly).

    We stopped for a mid morning Sloe Gin ( Plymouth :D ), and half an hour for lunch.

    The bag was 47 pheasants, for four Guns. The Guns were delighted, and had enjoyed a great day.
    My dog found a wounded bird, that was deemed lost, so I was pleased. She worked really well, all day, and is thoroughly knackered.

    No time for taking pics, as you will appreciate.

    We have a day off, and out again on Thursday.

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  2. Nice65

    Nice65 Subscribed Member

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    Poor hooligan, I bet she was all over the other one when it returned :)

    Sounds to be a good day, more enjoyable than big drives for poor shots.
  3. GeoffW

    GeoffW Subscribed Member

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    High Peak, Derbyshire
    That's one of the snags with beating, a keen dog becomes competitive and steadiness goes out of the window. I used to love those small, informal days.

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